Monday, 10 April 2017

Fusion Cloth and Tattoo Layer Together Glitch Fixed

It has been a thorn in my side ever since I released Fusion and all my fitted Mesh lines. That horrible bug where if you try to show the clothing and tattoo layers together, you get them in an all out fight with each other resulting in a patch work of badly rendering layers.
Good news!
Its now fixed!!

What you need to know: This affects Fusion Male, Fusion Female,  Tudoto, Fusion Demon hooves, Wideloads

What is the problem? From the first moment I deployed my fitted mesh line I have had a serious bug to deal with when it came to multiple clothing layers being shown at the same time. Some of you will have seen on the various huds the red Triangle with the ! in it next to the Show Tat and Cloth button.
This was there because of that bug. The bug itself came from two transparent layers (clothing and tattoo) trying to fight each other over which one was shown. The result was Fusion or any other body part using multiple clothing layers would have a funny half hour as it tried to render. You would see certain parts of the body showing one thing, and another part of the body showing the underwear over the top.
I know my customers have moaned about this a lot, and I didn't disagree but until today I had not figured out how some people on the grid were getting around this glitch.

The Solution! I had a customer come on this morning asking me about this bug and I decided to take a look at it with fresh eyes again. However I stumbled by accident on to the solution and as usual with Linden Lab, it was in the last place you would expect. Materials. I don’t know why it does this and I have asked some people with knowledge on the subject and they don’t know why either, but if materials are fitted to the clothing layer, it remains dominant. The Glitch is cured.

What's in the Update? In the box you will find an updated version of the Daily HUDs. On these huds are two new button. Fix Clothing layer and Remove Tattoo Layer Materials. These are here so you can fix any clothing item you put on quickly and easily.

There are caveats though. Firstly if the clothing item you have already comes with materials, then you don’t need to fix the cloth layer as it will wipe out the shine on them. Secondly if the underwear layer did come with materials you will have to lose it. However this is the solution that has eluded me for so long.
Don't worry about looking like you just jumped in a bucket of baby oil though. The Shine that this button applies is effectively set to nothing. There is no materials visible on the clothing layer.

Wear your updater to get the revised copy of the Daily HUD's. You wont have to change anything with your body - simply replace the old daily hud with the new one.

Wear your updaters or visit the redelivery terminals in store to get you updates!
The Result? You can now wear both clothing and Tattoo Layers together and they will not glitch.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Fusion Female - Femboi Upper Body

This is perhaps one of the stranger ones I have done on behalf of customers but one I hope they will appreciate. This is the new Fusion Femboi upper body.

Unlike previously, the Femboi Upper body is not based on Fusion Female's master template, but actually on Fusion Male. It features a well designed and well defined male upper body and arms, it includes the chest section too. Also included are mesh nipples and Male style pericings.

There are some limitations though. Firstly the breast sliders have been disabled on this model. Female and male sliders differ in their behaviour. Secondly there are no show hide zones due to the fact this is definately not a female chest and most likely wouldnt behave itself.

Just so we are clear though - this is a Fusion Female body part. Not Male. What this means is you can mix and match this to any of the female bodies.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Headmasters - Porcha Hair

It would be fair to say it has been a while since I last released something in the Headmasters store however I am pleased to say I got around to finishing off a hair.

Porcha is a 60's style quiff style hair with a long flex pony and part plats.
This is built in part mesh which is nothing new however it also comes with Materials enhancements and Tattoo layer head textures to add some finess to it.
In addition I have also become aware of how hair seems to affect rendering costs quite adversely.
As a result all next gen hairs will be vetted before release to ensure they do not negatively impact rendering costs too much. Porcha comes in at 16,000 or there abouts.

The full fat pack with all 72 colours is now in store for the reasonable price of 400L$

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Forza Corset Update

There have been a few minor glitches with the Forza corset that have bugged me since I released it - small areas poking through.
I decided this morning to take a fresh look at the Corset and clean up these minor glitches and the result is the 1.5 release.

As usual, all you need to do is wear your updater to get the latest copy.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fusion Female - Minor Update

Since Fusion Ultima was released I have had on and off people saying that the Corset functionality was not working correctly and part were showing through, even with my own products.

I investigated this but didnt come up with anything however I have now found out a blending inner sleeve has been causing problems. Technically this was supposed to give users the ability to hide this inner sleeve had some odd bugs in its coding.
As a result of this I have gone back to basics with the inner sleeve, done some minor reworks and cleaned up the scripting bugs to ensure it does what it is supposed to do.

All the upper bodies; Genesis, Athletic, Amazon, Andro, Ruben, Skinny and Valkyrie; have been updated with the reworked scripts and a slightly adapted inner body sleeve with improvements.
In addition, the Master Set up HUDs have also been amended.
Previously there was just Inner Body Sleeve on and off.
Now there is Upper and Lower Inner Body Sleeves on and off.

If you already have your body set up and have not noticed any issues you dont need to update. Everything work as it should do. However if you have found a problem with Corsets and bits sticking through, then you will need to grab this revision.

Get them in store via the Redelivery terminals or via the updater included.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

VSX6 / VSXM Update

Never get anything right the first time round although as things go this is not as bad as it sounds.

While this update encompasses all VSX6 and VSXM models, it is for the most part optional.
Versions are VSX 6.0 to 6.01 and VSXM 1.5 to 1.51

What's been updated.
The major bulk of the update is to do with some odd cross talking between Omega / ADV and the VSX Applier system which was causing avatar skin textures to be put on to the products themselves.
To that end I have updated the offending scripts to stop this cross talking.
Most people probably will not have noticed this, but... if you have and you want to update you are more than welcome to.

The required updates are on VSX6 - specifically Lilith Gift, Evolver Pussy and Evolver Herm.
During construction the part of the product required for FX somehow got left off the product and as a result, the FX system stopped working. This is now repaired and ready for use.

Everything has been updated in store and on the market place and fresh updates are ready to be grabbed - simply wear your updater.


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Verotic Male and Nosferatu ADV2 Skins Available

Following on from last nights release of the Demon Skins, today there are two major releases.

Short version:
Verotic Zen and Tiber Skins have been updated and reworked to ADV2 spec.
All six primary skins have been rebuilt, and there is a brand new 07 very dark skin for both models.

In the Nosferatu Studio, there is a double release covering both male and female ADV2.

In Detail

Highlights from the release are:
Single base skins replace the wide array of beard options. These are still available but now in Tattoo Layer format, plus you get Omega Appliers for Mesh heads for the beards.
ADV2 Mesh Applier HUD gives you complete control with Omega Advanced built in to the HUD.
Materials Support - brand new for this release is a choice fo 7 different materials settings for the skins.
On top of this there is the brand new 07 dark skin for both Tiber and Zen.
Skins are priced a 995L$

 Those of your familiar with the female ADV2 appliers will know they come with a similar set up to the male but you also get breast implant appliers and vString materials appliers.
Existing customers can wear the updater to get the latest copy.


Again, with this you get a very similar set up to the Verotic Skins with materials on board and both ADV and Omega Advanced available from the HUD.

All of these are in store now!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Demon Studio - Male ADV2 Skin Released

Continuing with bringing everything up to date in the stores, I am pleased to announce the release of the Male ADV2 skin series.
Based around the original skins, you will find things have changed quite a bit.

Highlights from the release are:
Single base skins replace the wide array of beard options. These are still available but now in Tattoo Layer format, plus you get Omega Appliers for Mesh heads for the beards.
ADV2 Mesh Applier HUD gives you complete control with Omega Advanced built in to the HUD.
Materials Support - brand new for this release is a choice fo 7 different materials settings for the skins.

Expect more ADV2 releases tomorrow with the ADV2 Nosferatu and Verotic Skins.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

VSXM 1.5 Update (Materials & Omega)

When I built VSXM it was built on the back of years of research and development with VSX. Although fundamentally a different design idea it used the foundations of VSX and with VSX5 having being developed alongside VSXM, both products were at the time a pinnacle of my work on VSX.
That said, I still expected to be dealing with customer requests, upgrades or other items, even repair work, which is why it really came as a surprise when I looked back and realised VSXM is nearly 3 years old and in that time I have only released one minor update to it.

As many customers will have seen, I updated VSX to Version 6 recently, transferring the products over to mesh, integrating materials on to them, and introducing the Omega / ADV ready bulges and camel toes.
I am now pleased to say, VSXM has now progressed to Version 1.5.

In this update customers get both the Materials Update and the Bulge Camel Toe update, however because this is VSXM, there is something more to it.
On VSX, Materials (the technology that makes things have surface depth and shine) came as a stand alone, preinstalled item.
With VSXM, you get choices.

The new Materials HUD gives you complete control over the materials on the products. With six options for normals, and six options for specular shine over two major areas (head / shaft and Base) I have created enough options to keep everyone happy and the result is quite spectacular.

Existing customers, as per the Violet Studios Way get the update free. All you need to do is wear the updater included with your original purchase and a fresh copy will be sent over to you.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Fusion Ultima Male Body Released

Short Version:
Fusion Ultima Male (Version 2) has now been released.
This is a complete, brand spanking new Version of the male body system built from the ground up with all new mesh, refined weight painting and hundreds of improvements all round. Just take a look at the above teaser... you get the idea.
All Fusion Male Bodies have brand new versions. The bodies include Genesis, Skinny, Athletic, Gladiator, Barbarian, Zerberus Demon, Drider and Mech Drider.
All Pick n Mix elements of the above bodies, as well as the Razel Hooves have all been update with brand new elements.

Wear your updater now if you own the body, visit in store for redelivery and in summation, enjoy!
New to Fusion? Check out the bodies in store - there are demos!

Longer Version:
Some may argue it took me long enough. However realistically Fusion Ultima has barely been out a year now and what I did with the female bodies was a huge task involving thousands of hours of design and development work.
So, when it came to looking at Fusion Ultima Male, needless to say it was the same process all over again.

As with Ultima Female, the new version 2 male bodies started life with a completely built from scratch male body. The original Fusion Male and Female bodies were based on the Second Life Avatar however when Ultima came along for the female, I decided rightly to move away from the SL mesh due to one simple fact. Its rubbish. When it comes to male bodies, as I have said previously, the SL Avatar does not have a male body, but rather a rearranged female body to look male, and as a result of that you get a lot of oddities, hence the reason why I decided to start Ultima male with a blank sheet. Outside of the hands and feet, the Ultima Male body is 100% custom built as a male body.

Thanks to a considerable number of upgrades and lessons learnt from the Ultima Female body, the new Male bodies have been seriously finessed. All the older weight painting has been ditched in favour of the Ultima weight base giving far smoother and finished body movement. The body has been tested extensively to ensure its smooth operation.
In addition to this, gone is the limited show hide zones from Fusion replaced with over 70 show hide areas. You also get the new Master Set up HUD female customers will be familiar with to control the body set up.

On the set up side, you will find Ultima Male also lives up to expectations. On the designer hud you can find (finally) materials choices to give extra surface texturing and shine to the body. The body's skin, cloth and tattoo layers are also as you would expect mapped to the Second Life body, so you can use Omega Advanced on any area. In addition, hand and feet nail options are now Omega Compatible, opening up a wide choice of nail options.

On the upgrade side, beyond what is above, the clothing layer now features a crotch bulge adding for a little extra realism around clothing and you also now get pubic hair which is optional and toggleable. In addition you get the Ultima Female neck system which offers choices over how you want to set it up. Either full neck, blended neck, or no neck.

To sum up, Fusion Ultima Male takes the idea of the male body to a whole new level offerings all the benefits you expect from Fusion Ultima in a male body. This is perhaps the most advanced body for males out there today.

Fusion Ultima Male at a glance:
Completely new built from scratch body mesh
Beautiful detailed body structure and muscle base
Intelligent and smooth joint movement
Mesh Nipples, Piercings, Pubes & Clothing Crotch Bulge
ADV & Omega Advanced Ready for Skin, Clothing and Tattoo Layers
Multiple Skin Materials choices
Realistic Nails utilising Omega Nail Appliers
70+ Show Hide Zones
Clean Neck Joint with Multiple Options
Modular Design meaning you can swap out the various parts of the body 

Enjoy... if you missed it the first time.