Monday, 7 November 2016

Fusion Cyber Studio - Mech Drider

No sooner than I got the Drider in store, requests started flooding in for other odd ball creations, but the big one I got multiple requests for was a Cyber Mech Drider.

Who am I to argue with that, and a considerable amount of messing around later, I am very pleased to release the new Violet Cybernetics / Fusion Cross over in the shape of the Mech Drider.

This is an extreme Cyber style body with animated glow sections.
There are 12 base textures of which 6 are two tone. As per the fleshy version of the Drider, the Abdomen and Legs can be textured separately. You also have Glow control over these two areas too.

Price wise, it is 2000L$ for the complete body, or if you own Fusion already, the Torso only versionis 1000L$. You can find this both in the Cyber Studio or in the Fusion Main Stores.

Here are some extra piccies to give you a better idea.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fusion Ultima Drider

Sometimes, things go according to plan. Other times, things just tend to happen. This one falls in to the latter category.

That is exactly what it looks like. It's a Drider.
It is also not exactly the regular fare for SL when it comes to Driders.

This is a full on Fusion Ultima Drider, built in Fitted Mesh.
It features functional legs pain stakingly weight painted to give the best illusion of independent movement. Highly detailed spider body with multiple zone texture areas, 22 two tone body textures, Abdomen overlay with 4 choices of textures. Legs and Abdomen are separate texture zones too. It comes with highly detailed materials.
The Human side matched in perfectly to the Spider body, comes with all the usual Fusion Ultima Benefits including clothing, anatomy etc. It also comes in two version - Blending in or no blend giving you choice to use the skin of your choice.
The Upper body and breasts are regular Fusion Ultima models from the Genesis body, which also means you can customise both of these areas with your choice of Breasts and upper bodies from the Fusion Range.

The Photo Shows the body using the LTX Kalis Cyber Latex outfit in black, which is not included.

Demos are available so you can try before you buy. The Full body is 2000L$ - some would say that is a steal at that price considering the detail work thats gone in to this.

Already own Fusion? Don't worry. I did a Pix n Mix Torso only too. That is 1000L$ and will match to your existing Fusion parts!

You can find the Drider in the Fusion Main stores (Pheadra and Deaths Head) and in the Demon Studio too.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Demon Studio - Blaze Horns

What else can say... These are 250 and in store now


Demon Studio - Valhalla Hunter Horns

What else can I say. The Hunter horns are stunning. With highly detailed ridged mesh design, heavy metal chain, piercing and spike detailing, with gem elements, these are very ornate and classy elegant horns. To add a little ages to them, I have added some rag flex elements.

They are available now in the demon studio for 250L$


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Demon Studio - Laya Horns

Another day, another release...

The Laya horns are a beautiful elegant twisted ridge horn set quite different from what I usually do.
Just one design with these, but I am sure you will agree, these are quite beautiful.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Demon Studio - Mai Horns Released

It has taken me a long time to produce these, but I finally felt up to it today.
Earlier this year I lost a very good friend and someone I was very close to.

We met on SL many years ago and I considered her to be one of the most talented designers I had ever had the pleasure of meeting with a natural skill rarely seen.

She passed away in February this year and since then, her lost has been something that has affected me deeply.
In order to remember her I built these horns which feature two of her loves. Latex and Tentacles.

You get two versions of the horns - the one shown above, and a latex version.
Also included is a Latex Unlimited 3 HUD and Latex Materials HUD. There are 19 colours of latex to choose from and multiple bone shine factors.

I have priced these at 150L$, very cheap considering what you get as I would like people to remember this wonderful person.

Sadly missed and never forgotten.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Valhalla Released in the Demon Studio

I am pleased to announce the first product in the new Valhalla line for Violet Studios.

The Majsan Horns are a captial style horn and quite imposing.
They come with both light and dark version.

In addition to this release is the new Valhalla U3 texture pack. These will work on all VS Tones demon studio products (as they are two tone) as well as a new Valhalla materials set.

These are available in the demon studio for free.

Expect a lot more from Valhalla over the coming few weeks.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Something Different

A very old friend of mine recently shared with  me some of his books written over the last 15 years. They have only just been released and considering many of my customers are quite inclined, I said I would give them a good word here.

These are quite adult themed books so be warned before you go there and deal with heavy subjects such as aliens, futanari, expansion etc. What is however impressive is that they are professionally written. By this they actually have a story and the story takes up a lot more than the naughty bits do.

Anyhow, I will give you the links. There are previews available and so far there are three novels to pick from. Best reading them in sequence though as they are an ongoing story.

The Books are the Symbiotica series.

Book 1 - Sum of their Whole
Book 2 - The Foundry
Book 3 - Bound Hearts

The last one was released today with apparently another two books due out before the years over.

Check them out, see what you think and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Flip side - whats happening with Violet Studios.
I know I have been quiet of late - having problems finding motivation, however I have quite a few projects cooking and at some point soon I hope to have something out.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tudoto 1.01 Release (Fusion Ultima Integration)

As always I love to listen to customer feedback and at this time I have been working through some updates to Tudoto. The 1.01 release comes with minor fixes throughout the body however most significantly, Tudoto now comes, as you can see above, with a Fusion Ultima ready Torso as a new bonus item.
Customer had given me feedback that they would love to use Fusion Ultima upper bodies and breast with Tudoto and who am I to argue.

This is a free update so if you own Tudoto, go grab a copy!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fusion Ultima Valkyrie Body Released

Just a quick note on the main blog to let people know the Valkyrie Fusion Ultima Body has been released and is in store now.
This is at the more extreme end of the Fusion body design scale with extremely powerful legs and althletic style arms.

She is available as a full body or Pick n Mix for the Upper body / Torso.

Pictures and more details are available on the Adult Blog

She is in store now with demos.